A key part of the branding process was to look at the top character strengths of each team member, through the VIA Character Strengths Survey and Report.  VIA, the Latin for ‘the way’, stands for Values in Action and is a science-based tool used by positive psychology to assess an individual’s character strengths and positive traits.   It works on the basis that we all possess the 24 key character strengths to varying degrees, giving everyone a truly unique profile.  Understanding and applying your main character strengths leads to both fulfilment and improved performance. 

We were delighted to discover that there was one strength that featured as the most commonly held strength amongst our team.  Honesty. 

According to the VIA Institute, honesty is a strength within the virtue of courage.  When you are honest you speak the truth, and you value the truth above all else. 

Anyone who works with the team at AVA Solicitors knows the importance to honesty to us.  We are proud to uphold a strong and healthy internal culture of honesty, fairness and enthusiastic professionalism which ensures an environment where good people perform exceptionally together to deliver commercially effective results for our clients.